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“There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

                                                                                                            - Leonard Cohen

After losing someone very dear recently, Mick sets her intentions on celebrating life and that’s the central theme within this curation of works.

Through a collection of art and experiences, we take you on a journey that captures the essence of existence, reminding us that even in the face of adversity and loss, there is an enduring light that shines for all of us.


Lotte Lisa Ekkel (b. 1988), a self-taught photographer, lives and works in Amsterdam. Without a predetermined plan, she captures poetic and intuitive images using only natural light. She seeks stillness and beauty in small, seemingly insignifi- cant moments that often go by unnoticed.

‘If you think about it, these moments actually encapsulate ev- erything. They may appear to be small and static. However, because everything is always changing, these small moments are all we have’, Lotte states. Each (captured) moment is in- herently on the verge of transformation and thus carries that constant flow of change within it.

The awareness of this constant tran- sition is always present within Lotte’s perspective on the world and forms the basis from which she observes and works.

Much like life itself, our perception of the world effortlessly evolves. Just as images transform through the shifting of light or one’s perspective in the lit- eral sense, our experience of life sim- ilarly shifts with changes in our per- spective in the figurative sense.

“I believe our thoughts and assumed truths in a given moment are far more dynamic than we realize. Embracing this notion enables us to appreciate the relativity and beauty of each mo- ment, acknowledging their signifi- cance while not burdening ourselves with undue seriousness, as all is des- tined to evolve.”

The carefully chosen moments in Lotte’s work contain this ambiguity, as they reflect both the beauty and the everydayness of life, the stillness and the constant flow of change under- neath it. By focusing on passing mo- ments and sometimes small details, Lotte takes away the noise and helps us see the magnificence of everyday life.

‘Our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of dark- ness’

Vladimir Nabokov


Nanda Hagenaars

Nanda Hagenaars (b. 1988) is a photographer who aims to translate her feelings and emotions into images. Her work can be described as poetical, intuitive, and emotional. The concept of time and timelessness provoked Nanda to photograph in black and white.

To Nanda, the camera is more than just a tool. It’s a symbol of transformation. It helped her see life in new ways, just as looking through her lens showed her fresh perspectives. She believes that using photography is a way to for her grow and discover herself. “It’s not always easy to see things differently, but I push myself to do it,” she says.

This philosophy shows up in her art. She doesn’t just see water; the reflection is evenly important to her. This way of seeing extends to everything she captures. With a sharp focus and somewhat sweaty hands, she searches for new compositions. Realizing that you can look at something and seeing a whole new side to it empowers her to face challenges in life with the same open mindset.

For Nanda, photography never felt like a choice – it was her calling. It’s her way of sharing how she sees the world and who she is. Inspired by her grandmother - who was an artist herself - she’s not afraid to break the rules. “I love images that look like they’ve been touched by a painter’s brush,” she reveals. She plays with light and shadow, creating a dance that’s both rhythmic and melancholic. Through her work, she hopes to inspire others to share their emotions through art. Nanda firmly believes that everyone has an inner artist who can create and heal by looking at the world, or themselves, with fresh eyes.

Nanda pours a piece of herself into her work, forging connections with people and the wisdom of life. It’s like a game to her an ever exciting journey of discovery. Through these connections, her photography becomes a way to explore her own identity and communicate with the world around her, painting a vivid picture of emotions and experiences.



Maryse Ceha’s (b. 1997) work arises out of and in the making. Maryse’s work revolves around the pleasure of making, the wealth of possibilities inherent in the materials she uses and the power of the visual stories that reveal themselves to Maryse in the process of making.

Maryse has been observing her world since childhood. She draws the landscapes she travels through, records her surroundings in small drawings in sketchbooks. They are present in the background as a memory in the newly created painting or even really present in an assemblage of images, each of which can in turn give rise to a new image. And it is also in the materials she collects without a preconceived plan. Sand, paint, stones, and her main inspiration, the water.

“As human beings we primarily inhabit the land. the water is an unknown world and I think that attracts me, the mystery and the speculations about what lies beneath the surface.

The ocean, the water, is my calming place. I find comfort in the rhythm of the waves. seeing its vastness as our eyes scan the horizon. trying to comprehend its endlessness and feeling so small in the middle of its mighty endlessness.

In the deep, sound dissolves into silence, leaving only the whispers of my own thoughts. I see the deep blue spreading all around me. this is the realms of sublime nothingness, where the boundaries between reality and dreams blur.

There is something about getting so far from the world we know, without the distraction. My mind is free.”