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Carlie Consemulder (b. 1982) is a Dutch photographer. Her body of work mixes abstract and figurative contemporary photography.

Her figurative work is inspired by shapes, colors and compositions and how they interact with each other. She seeks to mould the worlds that she photographs from scratch and create a form of escapism that helps her reflect on modern day society. The abstract work is mostly uninhabited and often are feelings immortalised in a picture. Each image carries an underlying - often poetic -meaning, inviting viewers to open unexpected windows within their own minds.


Carlie's artistic approach involves the use of second-hand clothing, items, and materials to keep her environmental footprint as minimal as possible. She lives by her believe that it's not about awaiting the future, but about shaping it. Carlie's artistry encapsulates a balance between the ethereal and the grounded, providing viewers with an introspective journey through her lens.

2024 Photo Basel
2024 PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai
2023 Unseen Amsterdam

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