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In her work, Floor is continually searching for the coincidences that arise when working with different materials and techniques. This fascination leads to a natural design process, in which her intuition takes the lead. She is curious about the properties and behaviors of materials and researches various applications. In a controlled manner, she explores the limits.


When clay is shaped by a mold, it acquires a final form. However, right when it comes out of the mold, the material is still supple and elastic. These two characteristics are paramount in the creation process of Merged by Gravity. A play unfolds between Floor and the material, in which she allows two separate objects to deform one another through the force of gravity. She guides the objects, but the shaping occurs due to the properties of the material and chance.

2024 Object Rotterdam
2023 Nieuw Charlois - solo exhibition 
2023 1m2 collective 
2023 Kunstgarage Franx
2023 HKU Exposure 

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