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Levanto 2023 and Boccadasse 1, 2023 (both 50 x 62,5 cm) will be on display as a diptyque during Affordable Art Fair Bruxelles


LOTTE LISA EKKEL (b. 1988), a self-taught photographer, lives and works in Amsterdam. Without a predetermined plan, she captures poetic and intuitive images using only natural light. She seeks stillness and beauty in small, seemingly insignificant moments that often go by unnoticed.

Lotte Ekkel will be present at the AFFORDABLE ART FAIR in Brussels on February 7th & 8th 


Lotte Ekkel - Lanzarote Dreaming 1

Lanzarote dreaming #1 (70 x 87,5 cm)



The awareness of the constant transition is always present within Lotte’s perspective on the world and forms the basis from which she observes and works. Much like life itself, our perception of the world effortlessly evolves. Just as images transform through the shifting of light or one’s perspective in the literal sense, our experience of life similarly shifts with changes in our perspective in the figurative sense.



Triptique Mexican Fragments #6, 2022 | Traveling Light | Bonifacio, 2022




“I believe our thoughts and assumed truths in a given moment are far more dynamic than we realize. Embracing this notion enables us to apprecIate the relativity and beauty of each moment, acknowledging their significance while not burdening ourselves with undue seriousness, as all is destined to evolve.”

- Lotte Ekkel