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In my photographic work I play with the friction between the stillness of the frozen moment we’re holding on to by taking a picture, and the inevitable truth that this instant, like everything else, is constantly changing and evolving. We all, to a certain degree, live in the illusion that the reality we see and experience is constant and never changing. Yet, at the same time, you know that nothing ever stays the same. At first sight, the images reflect a certain harmony. Yet, there is this unraveling feeling of a constant ‘threat’ that everything is on the verge of change.

'My images are an invitation to cherish the fragility, changeability and fleetingness of every little moment in life.’



“I believe our thoughts and assumed truths in a given moment are far more dynamic than we realize. Embracing this notion enables us to appreciate the relativity and beauty of each moment, acknowledging their significance while not burdening ourselves with undue seriousness, as all is destined to evolve.”



UPCOMING 2024: Photo Basel, Basel, Switzerland (10-16 June)   
UPCOMING 2024: Amsterdam Art Week (30 May-2 June)
2024 PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai  
2024 KunstRAI
2024 Affordable Art Fair Brussels. Brussels, Belgium
2023 Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam    
2023 Unsee Amsterdam  
2020 Fresh Eyes Photo Fair
2020 Haute Photography Rotterdam

PUBLICATIONS 2020 Fresh Eyes - cover image
2020 The Real Photobook - Stolen Moments
2015 New Dutch Photography Talent

2020 UNITED - Kahmann Gallery

2020 Haute Talents
2020 Fresh Eyes talents

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