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“I aim to express the beauty of imperfection and transience and capture it in layers of epoxy resin.”





Maryse Ceha has been painting ever since she was little. As a child she diverged from the beaten track of acrylic and oil paint by experimenting with sand and gravel on a blank canvas. Inspired by the pureness of nature and different cultures, her work was raw and imperfect, maybe even never finished.

As an autodidact artist and driven by a strong desire to create Maryse started painting full-time in may ’21 in her atelier in the heart of Amsterdam. Her work was polished and laminated in layers of epoxy resin.

Anno 2022 her early means of imperfection congregate with the polished perfection of her more recent work by merging different structures & tones and by the contrast of opposites.





“I observe and feel and that is how I paint. I choose the colors and materials in advance and then follow my intuition. The canvas guides me while the shape is still in the unknown. Sometimes I want to find a certain stillness in my paintings and other times I want to create a cry for attention”



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Creating the illusion of a polished and geometric canvas, but by getting closer, you lose yourself in the brushstrokes and handicraft, captured in layers of epoxy resin. With a horizon that is never finished, the true meaning lies in the perception of the beholder.


The color blue represents both sky as sea and is associated with open spaces, freedom and imagination.


“For me art isn’t about creating the perfect picture, but a continuous experiment of revealing internal imperfection.”






In her more recent work, Maryse tries to capture the signs of the passage of time. Organic textures are the true expression of constant change. Textures that contrast and are more dynamic are perceived more intensely.


In nature lies the inspiration for the beauty of imperfection, the unfinished and the transient. Nothing is entirely geometric or symmetrical, because those are human criteria: nature finds its own beauty in the irregular.