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Sanne Terweij is a talented artist with a deep-rooted love for old-school craftsmanship. With a background in creative entrepreneurship, she has spent years specializing in aging and patina techniques. Her current focus is on the use of metals such as brass and copper, of which the reflective surfaces shimmer and constantly change with the moving light and the position of the viewer.

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Sanne's artistic process involves exploring the oxidative properties of her materials, using various chemical processes and interventions to create mesmerizing color schemes in her wall sculptures. She is intrigued by the idea of using corrosion and oxidation, which normally might 'devalue' a metal, to create something of more 'worth'. In her current body of work, she is experimenting with different hues and gradients to capture fleeting moments and to fully emerge in the power of color.

Sanne's preference for unconventional materials and her often bold use of color make for unique and recognizable pieces. Her bespoke wall objects have already found their way to collectors, designers, and galleries worldwide, and she has recently received the Rising Talent Award by Maison&Objet (Sept. 2022).

Her unpolished oxidized shapes form a contrast with their shiny and brushed counterparts, pieced together into timeless works. Transition is a common thread in her work, and the ever-changing process of oxidation, in combination with the hundreds of hand-cut shapes that make up her works, ensures that no two works are ever the same.

Sanne's artwork has been showcased in various exhibitions and fairs such as Maison & Objet, Paris; AAF Brussels, Brussels; Art(s)Gallery Simone Jansen, Noordwijk; and KUNSTRAI Amsterdam - booth Galerie Helder, among others. Her exhibitions in 2023 include Maison & Objet, Paris; AAF Brussels, Brussels; and Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, North Sea Jazz, among others.

Sanne Terweij is an artist to watch out for, with her unique and recognizable style, and an ever-growing fan base of collectors and designers.